Tommy Waters in the media :


De Beste Singer Songwriter Van Vlaanderen - Tommy Waters "I'm Alive

Tommy wants to participate at "De Beste Singer Songwriter Van Vlaanderen". This movie has been made for this competition.

Tommy Waters @ Het Steen

t steen antwerpen

November 2012

New Single Tommy Waters : "Break me in 2" produced by Lionel Capouillez (producer Stromae "Alors on Dance")

Febraury 2011

Latest newspaper interviews: HLN Gazet van Antwerpen

ROB TV performance and interviews

RTBF Journal

Live Performance at RTBF studios for Eurovision

Tommy was a guest at TV Oost.  Watch the interview and 2 live songs below : I’m Alive (Eurosong) + interview

Play Outside (hit single from the 1st CD "Finally").


January 2011
Great news!! Tommy is participating with his song "I'm Alive" in the semi finals of the BELGIAN EUROVISION SONG CONTEST!!! This will take place on Sunday January the 30st of January!

December 2010
Tommy is a candidate for Eurosong 2011.  You can find all the details on
 .  Please vote for Tommy and become shareholder of his Eurosong "I'm Alive".  Thanks! 

June 2010 - October 2010
Tommy is still working very hard on the making of the full CD "The Light".                                                                                                      

May 2010                                                                                                    Thanks to the international interest, the management of Tommy Waters starts an international "Promotional and Plugging" tour.  Countries who are interested : UK, Spain, France, Italy, Australia, China, Croatia, Germany, Swiss, Netherlands, .......

January 2010
Release of the first single "The Morning" taken from the CD "The Light".

June 2009 - December 2009
Tommy is still working very hard on the making of the full CD "The Light".   

May 26th 2009
Confirmation of the "Benefit Concert" for the "SM-Rechter".  This concert will take place on the 30th of June 2009 in the club "Buster" in Antwerp. It will be a unique performance of Tommy with some special guests (!), the SM-Rechter will sign his books, his wife will expose her paintings (and hopefully sell some ...).  Be there!

May 24th 2009
Headline on RTV news (TV)!  Interview with the "SM-Rechter" and Tommy :

May 23rd 2009
Interview in : "Het Nieuwsblad" and "De Standaard",   two major Belgian  newspapers

May 12th 2009
Interview with Tommy on one of the biggest radios in Belgium : MNM.  To listen to the interview go to :

May 12th 2009 
Tommy releases a benefit single"Play Outside"  for the "SM-Rechter".  His brother (Erik Lamens) directed the hit movie "The SM-rechter".  It's a true story of a belgian judge, who lost his job and all his rights, because he had an SM- relation with his wife (  All the profits will be donated to the judge to give him a better life.  The single can be downloaded from different stores.  The link for iTunes.

 Jan 2008 - April 2009
Tommy is working very hard on the making of the full CD "The Light".  New songs are composed and recorded.

Nov 16th 2007
Mastering by "Digitak Mastering" (Georgia, USA) by engineer Ronny Morris.  To have the highest quality, the songs are mastered by Digitak, one of the best mastering studios in the world!!  On their client list : Backstreet, Ted Nudgent, Steve Holland, Percy Sledge,... (

Nov 5th 2007
Mixing of the first three songs by Guy Lejeune in "Busterstudio"  (  Guy has more than 30 years of experience in mixing.  He worked/works for : Adamo, T.C. Matic, Philippe Catherine, Gruppo Sportivo, Raymond van het Groenewoud, De Kreuners, The Kids, ... and of course "Tommy Waters"! ;-)

Oct 12th 2007
Kick-off of the recording of the second Tommy Waters album : "The Light"!!  He works with a very talented young producer "Tim Kermans".  The recording takes place in studio "Southside" (  Tim worked/works for : Sofie, Gene Thomas, ...

Sept 8th 2007
"Tommy Waters and Friends" (Beveren).  Tommy played an exclusive concert with other musical friends.  It was an "unplugged" concert.  His songs sounded at least as strong as on the record!  This proofs the quality of his music!

July 15th 2007
Festival "Eurogames" (Groenplaats, Antwerp) : Tommy Waters on a giant video wall of 16 m�,  hundreds of people singing and waving, what a performance...

July 7th 2007
The concert in "The Buster" was a great succes!  The place was sold out and the response of the crowd was fabulous!

June 19th 2007
Release of second single "Make up your Mind".  After the successful release of the first single "Play Outside", it's about time for the next single.  "Make up your Mind" is a strong uptempo dance-song.  It's an emotional game between a low, warm masculine voice and a clear, feminine voice of an angel.  Please listen also to the virtuoso bass!!

May 10th 2007
Confirmation of 2 great concerts : Buster on 6/7/2007 and Eurogames-festival (Groenplaats, Antwerp) on 14/7/2007!!  For more info go to the "Agenda".

March 18th 2007
"CD Finally" can be bought "worldwide"!!!  Please find all the stores below:

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Other Stores:
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March 4th 2007
 "Play Outside" reaches number "54" in the iTunes Pop top 100 (before Robbie Williams, Anastacia, ...)!!!!!  We're not yet in the Ultratop, but that will happen soon!!  So please keep on buying MP3's and the CD!!  Thanks!

Febr 25th 2007
The first reactions are overwhelming!  A lot of people started downloading "Play Outside".  Even the press has noticed this remarkable stunt.  Tommy gets an article in the "Nieuwsblad" and you can find his stunt on the homepage of "".  And the stunt only starts tomorrow...

Febr 22nd 2007
STUNT : Tommy will play a free concert (Arenberg) if he reaches the belgian charts (Ultratop)!!  People just have to dowload the first single "Play Outside" on iTunes just do it!!

Febr 2007
CD "Finally" available on iTunes!!!!!
Single "Play Outside" has a lot of airplay and attention of the media!! 

Jan 2007
Distribution CD "Finally" (Fnac, Mediamarkt, independent stores,...)

Nov - jan 2006
Promotion single "Play Outside" towards the Media (radio, TV, press).  First track from the full CD "Finally"

Juli - sept 2006
Summer festivals. 

April - june 2006
Rehearsals for the summer festivals.

Jan - march 2006
Contact and planning with recording label and management.

Oct - nov 2005
Mastering of the CD "Finally" in the Jet Studio's by Benjamin Bertozzi.

"Avant-premi�re" of Tommy Waters at the "Wortegem-Petegem" festival.

May - june 2005
Rehearsals for the summer festivals.

Website online!

End of recording and mixing of the CD “Finally”.  Getting started with promotion:
website, CD-booklet and CD-label, mailings, posters and flyers.

Start with mixing of the 12 songs for the CD “Finally”.

Start recording CD “Finally”in studio “Indie-r” in Brussels.

Agreement with co-producer Alain Tanghe of Progress Music.
The recording of the first album is a fact!

June 2003 – September 2004
Tommy writes with plenty of enthusiasm and inspiration his first album.

Tommy buys professional recording material to record his creations at his homestudio.

Tommy says goodbye to his classic, economic life and chooses for his passion "Music".



* November 25th 2009 : Tommy Waters on "" :

* May 24th 2009 : Headline on RTV news (TV)!  Interview with the "SM-Rechter" and Tommy :   and

* May 23rd 2009 : Interview in  "Het Nieuwsblad" and "De Standaard",   two major Belgian  newspapers

* May 12th 2009 : Interview with Tommy on one of the biggest radios in Belgium : MNM.  To listen to the interview go to :

* July 13th 2008 : "Tommy Waters live" on YouTube!!" :

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