Tommy Waters (Tom Lamens)
was very active on a musical level, at a young age. Back then it was obvious for him what his mission was. : "compose & play music". A passion and a goal for life.

At the age of 9 he followed an education at the music academy: "master in guitar".  Shortly after starting this education, he began with the real "live-work".

When he was 19 years old, he was selected with his former band "Headlines" for "Humo's
Rockrally". Their repertoire consisted of about 20 own songs. They didn't get an award but the media (Humo included!) was very enthusiastic about their perfor-mance: "Good popsongs and great intro's!" In another big competition "Polyrock", "Headlines" ended 2nd
(after the "Paranoïacs").

A couple of hundred concerts later, Tommy decided to choose a 100% for music (professionally).  He said goodbye to his safe economic life and composed music fulltime. What a right decision!! Now, 2 years later, he wrote a collection of beautiful songs!

Tommy doesn't only write the music and lyrics of his songs, but also all the arrangements.  He plays and sings the Master-Demo's completely by himself, i.e. lead- & backing vocals, electric- & acoustic guitars, bassguitar, piano, organ, keyboards, drums, percussion,...

The first songs appear now on the debut album "Finally".
His music can be described as "Melodious, melancholy pop". People who hear the cd, spontaneously make the comparison with Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Marillion, Aha, U2 and Novastar.  
The second album "The Light" is ready to be released.  The first reactions, after hearing the songs, are very positive.  Many listeners, professional people and visitors of the live concerts, get goose bumps!!  The production is really amazing!  Tommy worked with the best people : 

Tim Kermans, a young and very talented Producer, gives the music a new, trendy and contemporary sound.  The work was done in the studio "Southside" : http://www.studiosouthside.be/.  Tim used to work with Gene Thomas, Sofie, ...

Guy Lejeune , a man with lots of experience (more than 30 years!) has mixed the album. He worked for Adamo, T.C. Matic, Philippe Catherine, Gruppo Sportivo, Raymond van het Groenewoud, ... The mixing was done in the "Busterstudio" : http://www.busterstudio.be/

The mastering took place in one of the best mastering studios in  the world "Digitak Mastering", Georgia, USA.  The job was  done by the master himself " Ronny Morris " (Backstreet, Ted Nudgent, Steve Holland, Percy Sledge,...).  http://www.digitakmastering.com/